Siriya Tiruvadi
( The Small Hill Temple)

The Anjaneyar temple is situated atop a separate 350-feet high hill just opposite the Narasimhar hill (Big Hill). Anjaneya is always looking towards the sanctum-sanctorum of the Narasimhar temple and is offering prayers.

The Temple on the Small Hill enshrining Yoga Anjaneyar, has two towers and two water bodies, the Hanuman Theertham and the Rama Theertham. There are also shrines to Pallikonda Ranganathar facing south, and Kodandaramar facing West. The Pandava Theertham is situated at the bottom of this hill. The Small Hill is popularly called Kadigachalam ( Kadigai + Achalam; Kadigai indicating a period of time and Achalam meaning hill)

Sholingur Kadikachalam Hill

Yoga Anjaneyar

The Glory of Anjaneyar

According to a few Vaishnavite scholars, Anjaneyar is doing penance atop the hill to become the next Brahma. The Lord has reportedly advised Anjaneyar that there is a better service to perform, than becoming a Brahma, which is just a post created for a specific purpose of being a creator of the Universe. Instead, the Lord has advised Anjaneyar, the 4-handed bestower of boons, that by blessing His devotees who visit Him at Thirkadigai, he can remain in the eternal service of the Lord. According to legend Anjaneyar helped Indrathymna Maharaja, one of the kings in the region, to vanquish a demon called Arakkan Nikumban, Kalan, Keyan and saved the kingdom.

Lord Anjaneyar accomplished this task on a Sunday and hence every Sunday is an important day at Siriya Thiruvadi. People take a bath in the Chakkra Theertham of the Small Hill and worship the Lord.

Steps leading to the Siriya Thiruvadi

Kadikachalam Hill

Rajagopuram at Kadikachalam Hill
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