The Lord's Glory

The glory of Yoga Narasimhar in Sholingur, is attributed to four temples in close proximity (two hill temples, a temple at the foot of the hill and a temple in the Sholingur town). Of these, the two hill temples are the more prominent ones. The salubrious location and the legend surrounding this most powerful deity attract thousands of devotees who throng to this hill temple every day. Miracle cures of psychological ailments, couples being blessed with children, upon the Lord's apparition in their dreams, add to the sanctity of the temple.

Sholingur Thirumalai
Sholingur Kadikachalam
Varadaraja Perumal Temple
Sholingur Town Temple

Anjaneyar protecting the sages
This holy place (Divyadesam) has legendary association with Ramayana. When Lord Rama was preparing to end his avatara, he asked Anjaneyar (Hanuman) who was beside him, to reside at Sholingur and protect the seven rishis who were doing a penance. Hanuman slayed two demons who were trying to disrupt the sages. The sages (rishis) were praying to gain a glimpse of Lord Narasimhar, who appeared before them within a Katigai (24 minutes). Also sage Vishwamtirar earned his title Brahmarishi upon praying at this site for a Katigai. The Lord also gave salvation to Prahlada in this location. The belief is that praying at the temple for a Katigai would relieve a human being from the cycle of rebirth.


Lord Narasimhar is seated in a yoga posture and is in deep meditation in the Thirmalai, or The Big Hill.
The Lord's consort Amrithavalli, listens to the devotees prayers and helps them earn the Lord's blessings.
It is Anjaneyar, seated in the nearby hill, who sanctions the blessings to the devotees. His abode in the nearby hill, is called Katikachalam. Consequent to the Lord bestowing Anjaneyar with eternal strength, Anjaneyar is unique here, in that he has four hands, and he is holding the Lord's conch and charka in his extra pair of hands.

Yoga Narasimhar

Amrithavalli Thaayar

Yoga Anjaneyar

At the foot of the Sholingur Big Hill is Varadaraja Perumal Temple. Legend has it that the Lord Narasimhar's consort emerged from a large water tank next to the Varadarajar temple, seated on a thousand petaled lotus, holding a Amritha creeper, symbolizing immortality. Devotees bathe in the water tank before climbing the two hills. The temple in the Sholingur town is called Bhaktavatsala.

The hereditary high priests called Dhoddacharyas, initiate all rituals and prayers in the Big Hill temple and their family resides near the Town Temple. The current Dhoddacahrya, of the 23rd generation, is dedicated to the cause of sharing the glory of the Lord Narasimhar to all his devotees, in an interesting, informative manner, through his renderings of the temple prayers, in this web site, alongside the narration. The purpose is to share with the reader the Lord's benevolent and easy-to-access nature, by merely thinking about Him, visiting His abode at Sholingur, and praying for 24 minutes (a Katigai) at the temple.


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