Varadaraja Temple & The Town Temple

Varadaraja Perumal Temple
On the banks of Thakkan Kulam at Sholingur, is a shrine with an image of Varadaraja Perumal, seated on the Garuda vahanam.
Sholingur Town Temple
The Utsavar deity at the Sholingur Town Temple is Bhaktavatsalar. The Adikesava Perumal Sannadhi of the Town Temple is also a sacred one. People pray for rain at this sannadi by performing an abishegam, with 1008 pots of offerings which include ghee, honey, oil, fruits. Interestingly for all the water and offerings poured on the deity, there is no outlet inside the sanctum sanctorum. All the offerings get absorbed at the foot of the deity. In the Sholingur Town Temple there are separate sannadhis for Saint Ramanujar, Lord Srinivasar, Lord Narasimhar and the Doddacharya. There are also sannidhis for Andal, and the other 11 Alwars, The Town Temple renovation was funded by Janardhana Raja, a ruler of Karvet Nagar ( near present day Pallipet, in Vellore district), The two people who helped Doddacharya in the renovation were Takka Reddy and Chidda Reddy. Even today their descendants perform kein karai, ( service to the lord ) during the festival periods at the Town Temple. Since there is no Moolavar ( mail icon in the sanctum sanctorum) at the Town temple there is no Dhwajasthambam ( holy flag mast).
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